Hydraulic pumps Service Exchange Programme:

One of Hytec’s unique service offerings is its Hydraulic Pump Service Exchange Programme. This is an exchange programme where Hytec provides customers with a replacement hydraulic pump while they repair yours. This means your downtime is greatly reduced when any of your hydraulic pumps need repairs. Hytec is only company to provide such a service, making them the ideal solutions provider for your hydraulic pump requirements.

Hydraulic pumps entered into the programme for repair are cleaned, stripped, and assessed before highly experienced engineers refurbish them to global OEM standards. Returned hydraulic pumps are refurbished to factory specification and issued with a one-year warranty. In addition, an extensive and comprehensive stockholding enables Hytec to immediately replace damaged or worn hydraulic pumps to avoid waiting for lengthy repairs.

In order to ensure optimal production efficiency, Hytec offers a unique hydraulic pumps repair service in which we will give you a replacement hydraulic pump while we repair yours. This means that your system won’t come to a stand-still while your hydraulic pump receives top-class repairs or maintenance. Click here to read more about our service exchange programme.

High quality hydraulic pumps:

Hytec Group hydraulic pumps come standard with exceptional customer support, operational support and range of accessories. Our hydraulic pumps are manufactured according to ISO 9001 manufacturing processes to ensure high-performance over an extended period, making your hydraulic pump perform for longer.

Repair and maintenance for your hydraulic pump:

Maintaining and repairing your hydraulic pump to OEM-standards is vital to its operating performance over an extended period of time. In addition to our Service Exchange Programme, we offer holistic repairs and maintenance for the entire range of hydraulic pumps. We repair, test and conduct OEM-specified maintenance on our entire range of hydraulic pumps through our state-of-the-art facilities situated across sub-Saharan Africa. Contact Hytec Group today to find a facility near you!

World-class services and support:

Our range of hydraulic pumps comes standard with exceptional customer support, operational support and range of accessories. Hytec’s commitment to its customers’ hydraulic pumps’ efficiency has made us one of the preferred suppliers to some of South Africa’s biggest industrial projects.

Click here to view the unique service and maintenance programmes that have been developed for the efficient and long-lasting performance of your hydraulic pumps.

The Hytec Group brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to sub-Saharan Africa!