The Hytec Group provides the world’s leading hydraulic cylinder technology to sub-Saharan Africa. All of our hydraulic cylinders come standard with exceptional customer support, operational support and range of accessories. The Hytec Group’s commitment to its customers’ hydraulic cylinders’ efficiency has made us one of the preferred suppliers to some of South Africa’s biggest industrial projects.

M250 mill-type hydraulic cylinders

These Bosch Rexroth mill-type cylinders are designed for high pressure applications and extreme conditions. This service-friendly modular system comes in 9 different mounting types which makes it well suited to a wide range of applications.

The standardisation of mill cylinders enables simple cylinder exchange. This increases your production and up time.

Tie-rod hydraulic cylinders

Our range of tie-rod hydraulic cylinders is sourced from Aventics. These tie-rod hydraulic cylinders have a reputation for achieving long and high performance levels as well as application adaptability.

In addition these tie-rod hydraulic cylinders can tolerate corrosive and extreme temperature environments.

E250 Series hydraulic cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders are sourced from Naldoni e Biondi and have been designed to give a high degree of reliability in industrial and mobile applications. These cylinders are equipped with ground and chrome plated EN8 rods for longer life on gland seals and shaft surface protection.

The cylinder barrel, ST52, is honed to N4 finish for longer seal life. Hydraulic cylinder applications that require specialist-machined products can rely on the Italy-based Naldoni eBiondi brand for leading ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel products.

S250 Series of hydraulic cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders designed and tested by Hytec Engineering feature a nominal working pressure of 250 bar. They have been designed to ensure a high degree of reliability in heavy industrial and mobile applications.

Constructed from chrome plated EN8 rods and cylinder barrel ST52 that are honed to N4 finish, the S250 achieves longer life on gland seals and shaft surface protection.

World class service and repair for hydraulic cylinders

All hydraulic cylinder repair work conducted at Hytec Engineering’s Johannesburg facility is done in accordance with SABS and ISO 9001:2000 standards. Hytec Engineering is South Africa’s – and sub-Saharan Africa's only hydraulics cylinder company with in-house hydraulic cylinder design, grinding, inspection, testing, honing, turning and repairing services under one roof.

The Hytec Group of Companies’ workshops and testing procedures ensure our service and repair offering is OEM specification-compliant. This fact, combined with our high repair turnaround, makes us the hydraulics’ repair service provider of choice to hydraulics customers throughout southern Africa.

Our repair programmes have been designed to meet the needs of your industry! We strive to restore all components to original factory specification, and all repairs are compliance-certified, issued with an accompanying certificate.

The Hytec Group, a Bosch Rexroth Company, brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to sub-Saharan Africa!