Synchronous servo motors

IndraDyn MSK

Servo motor IndraDyn MSK sets new standards in automation, building on the Bosch Rexroth legacy with the latest motor technology.

It provides maximum torques of 495 Nm with a maximum speed of 9 000 rpm.MSK servo motors are characterised by dynamic control; compact construction; high torque density; and, thanks to our next-generation optical encoder systems, an extremely high level of precision.

IndraDyn MKE

TMSK servo motors are housed within rugged, explosion-proof enclosures in accordance with ATEX and UL/CSA regulations.They are designed for applications in production plants susceptible to explosive dusts, fumes and vapours.

These servo motors achieve maximum torque of 190 Nm with speeds up to 9 000 rpm and can be supplied with an optional holding brake, keyway or single- or multi-turn encoder systems.  

IndraDyn MSM

Our MSM servo motors are available in five sizes size up to 750 W continuous mechanical power. 

They are ideally suited to a wide range of applications with a high power density and minimised flange dimensions.MSM servo motors are dynamic and compact, with maximum torque up to 7.1 Nm and maximum speeds up to 5 000 rpm.

Asynchronous servo motors

IndraDyn MAF

These compact and powerful servo motors are liquid cooled for torque-demanding applications.

They are housed within compact, IP65-rated enclosures which ensure thermal isolation of motor and machine, enhancing the precision of handling applications.These servo motors provide a rated output of 120 kW with maximum speed of 11 000 rpm.  

IndraDyn MAD

With high power density, these servo motors are ideal in applications like machine tools, printing presses or metal-forming machinery.MAD servo motors achieve maximum handling precision with high-resolution, single- or multi-turn encoder systems and outstanding true running quality.

They are robust and simply-maintained servo motors with a rated output up to 93 kW with maximum speeds up to 11 000 rpm.


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