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Flow and check pneumatic valves: 

Check choke pneumatic valves: CC01 and CC04 check choke pneumatic valves are used in a range of applications, from food processing to exhaust air throttling. Qn from 60 – 1 850 l/min, with working pressures between 0.5 and 10 bar.


Throttle pneumatic valves: these pneumatic valves are housed in high-quality anodised aluminium or galvanised brass, providing a low-weight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant pneumatic valve with Qn from 38 – 3 000 l/min, working pressure 0 – 16 bar.


Non-return pneumatic valves: these poppet-type pneumatic valves have nickel-plated brass housings for long service life and corrosion resistance. Range includes threaded, in-line and push-in fittings. Qn 20 – 6 200 l/min, working pressure 0.2 – 10 bar.

Quick exhaust pneumatic valves: these poppet-type pneumatic valves evacuate cylinder air and increase the reaction time of the valve actuator or cylinder rod. Qn 220 – 12 000 l/min, working pressure 0.8 – 10 bar.


Logic valves: multi-function poppet pneumatic valves used to sequence and control system operations up to 80 l/min. Use in either open- or closed-control applications with working pressures from 1 – 10 bar.



Directional pneumatic valves:


Electrically operated pneumatic valves: we supply ‘normal’ (Qn 600 – 4 100 l/min, working pressure -0.9 – 16 bar) and ‘standard’ (Qn 1 010 – 5 000 l/min, working pressure -0.95 – 16 bar) electrically operated directional valves. Various spool arrangements, sizes 1 – 5.


Pneumatically operates valves: we supply ‘normal’ (Qn 900 – 4 100 l/min, working pressure 3 – 16 bar) and ‘standard’ (working pressure -0.95 – 16 bar) options. Complete range of spool configurations and sizes 1 – 4 available.


Manually operated valves: our mechanically operated pneumatic valves ideal in mechanical vacuum or dual pressure applications, Aventics are light and compact, Qn 190 – 1 400 l/min, working pressure -0.95 – 10 bar.

Pneumatic valve terminal systems


Valve systems: these pneumatic valve systems are flexible in use and can be combined with a range of actuators. Working pressure 0.9 – 10 bar, control pressure 2.5 – 10 bar. Up to 64 valves and 128 coils!


Valve systems standard: this range of pneumatic valve systems includes ISO 5599-1 and ISO 15407-1 types, size 1 to 4 with flow rates 2 200 – 5 000 l/min.


Pneumatic valve accessories:


Our range of pneumatic valve technology includes a full range of accessories to ensure assembly of the pneumatic system you need to achieve maximum performance!

Our accessories for pneumatic valves include:


The Aventics AV series: the latest in pneumatic valves


Aventics “Next Generation Pneumatics” provides powerful ideas and solutions for industrial markets around the world and is setting new benchmarks in the integration of electronics and innovative materials, and offers proven industry-specific pneumatic valve solutions.

The compact, lightweight design of the AV series from Aventics is setting new performance benchmarks for pneumatic valves.

The latest addition to the AV family, the AVO5 pneumatic valve terminal system, is designed to allow closer mounting to actuators, which lowers compressed air requirements. Its specialised designs optimise air-channelling for increased flow volume, up to 700 l/min, in minimal space.

Aventics: The leaders in pneumatic valve technology


Aventics is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial pneumatic valves and control solutions, components and systems!

Aventics is positioning itself as a pace setter of the next generation of pneumatic valves technology, and has entered new industrial sectors including heavy industry and medical technology. As a medium-sized business entity, Aventics offers its customers an enhanced level of consulting and can communicate more directly and engagingly with its customers, with quick turnaround times of pneumatic-based solutions.


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