Flow and check valves

This high-quality range of function fittings and accessory valves allows users to assembly fully optimised, reliable pneumatic systems. Aventics flow and check valves play an important part in high-efficiency systems, and so are an integral part of our pneumatic components range.


Pneumatic cylinders


Aventics’ range of pneumatic cylinders covers a wide range of pneumatic application requirements. 16 pneumatic components, featuring cylinders, actuators, measuring instrument and accessories, make up this range.

From extremely compact cylinders for small-space handling applications, to large-powerful cylinders for the most demanding tasks, Aventics has a complete range of pneumatic cylinders as part of its pneumatic components range. 


Directional pneumatic valves


A fundamental part of any pneumatic system, Aventics’ directional pneumatic valves are single control valves, and can be operated electrically, pneumatically or mechanically.

These pneumatic components are available in both in-line and ISO 5599-1 configurations.


Valve terminal systems


Aventics’ valve systems bring years of experience, research and development to life, and are opening up completely new avenues in design and materials. These high-quality products are highly reliable, expandable and compact.

They can be mounted and assembled on moving parts. These pneumatic components are also ideal for the food processing industry.



Pneumatic connection technology

Assemble the pneumatic system you need to achieve maximum performance with Aventics’ directional valve pneumatic components! This range of pneumatic components includes couplings, fittings, air guns, connectors, plugs, tubes and accessories, allowing you to build systems tailored to your requirements.


Air preparation equipment


These pneumatic components prepare compressed air for any application. Aventics maintenance units, regulators and gauges are extremely reliable and easy to configure to provide compressed air on demand for precise pneumatic operation.Maintenance units and pressure regulators


Vacuum technology


This range of pneumatic components include vacuum systems that allow gripping and manual handling of workpieces up to 2 000 kg in weight!



About Aventics’ pneumatic components

Aventics, formerly Rexroth Pneumatics, is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. The company offers customers customised, cross-industry system solutions, services and pneumatic components based on decades of applied expertise.

Aventics is a leader in the integration of hybrid systems, especially the integration of electronics and pneumatic components as we gear up for Industry 4.0 enterprises.

The standalone Aventics company, as an autonomous entity no longer a subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth, is allowing the company to develop a more streamlined product innovation and development environment, with more sophisticated pneumatic components! It is also enabled to enter additional industries that have not previously been its focus, including heavy industry and medical technology, which can use the leading pneumatic components to pursue smarter, more efficient operations. Aventics employs approximately 2 100 staff and is represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Click here to view more about Aventics and its range of pneumatic components.

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