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Hydraulic repairs for your application:

Our hydraulic repair programmes are designed to meet the wide range of requirements of Africa’s industries! We refurbish and restore all hydraulic components to their original factory specifications. All our hydraulic repairs are certified through accompanying ISO and SABS certification.

Hydraulic repairs in your industry:

Where Europe is characterised by its OEM-focused markets, Africa remains primarily an end user market where service, hydraulic repair and customisation represent a major share of business partnerships.

To this end, the Hytec Group offers hydraulic repairs for every major industry in sub-Saharan Africa with at-the-mine hydraulic repair and services:

  • Fixed and mobile mining equipment
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • General industry
  • Steel manufacture
  • OEM mobile equipment
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Food and beverage
  • Plastics and bottling
  • Automotive
  • Nuclear power

Our hydraulic repair offering includes:

Pumps and motors repair and maintenance:


Our pump hydraulic repairs are carried out to OEM specifications with fast turnaround times, during which Hytec will supply you with a temporary refurbished unit.

Making use of our Service Exchange Programme drastically reduces your downtime when in need of hydraulic repairs or services.


Gearbox repair and maintenance:

Hytec offers original OEMs total peace of mind with a mobile gearbox hydraulic repair facility that is guaranteed to comply with strict manufacturer standards. Hytec offers this hydraulic repair facility to customers as part of our commitment to quality service.

Hytec remanufactures the gearbox completely, no chroming or welding of old parts are done. In addition, Hytec strictly inspects all parts for hairline cracks.

These hydraulic repairs can be carried out either on-site, especially in the case of very large or heavy gearboxes, or at Hytec’s 400 m² facility in Johannesburg.

Hytec offers a one-year guarantee on all hydraulic repairs undertaken. In addition, Hytec documents all repairs for future reference and also provides feedback to gearbox manufacturers for improvement of their products.

Hydraulic cylinders repair and maintenance:


Hytec Engineering refurbishes any hydraulic cylinder to its OEM specifications, providing the mining, agriculture, mobile, marine, iron, steel, power generation and general industries with reliable cylinder service support.

We design, manufacture, repair and test our hydraulic cylinders under one roof in our 400 m² production headquarters in Johannesburg.

This hydraulic repair programme includes cleaning, stripping, assessment and refurbishment to OEM standards by a dedicated team of highly experienced engineers.

Our hydraulic repairs conform to SABS ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and are protected by a 6-month warranty.

As part of our Service Exchange Programme, Hytec Engineering has extensive stockholding of refurbished cylinders, which it supplies as a temporary replacement so that our clients can avoid lengthy hydraulic repairs periods to keep their operation running at full tilt!


Bosch Rexroth-certified service competency


Hytec's hydraulic repair and service centre in Johannesburg, which services mobile and industrial hydraulic systems and components, was re-warded Bosch Rexroth's stringent competency accreditation in early 2014 as a Bosch Rexroth Certified Service Centre of Competence (CSC-C)

This accreditation certifies that the Hytec service centre has the processes, infrastructure, qualification and management abilities to perform hydraulic repairs and service work to the quality standards specified by the Bosch Rexroth Service Centre Grades.

The accreditation audits the facility’s ability to conduct hydraulic repairs and services of pumps and motors, hydraulic valves, controls, mobile gears, standard and large hydraulic cylinders and electronics.

Hytec’s hydraulic component testing:



Hytec’s hydraulic repair and component testing recently underwent a R1-million upgrade with Bosch Rexroth’s globally-standardised test control system, Cadasys. The new system will ensure Hytec’s hydraulic repair and component tests are carried out in accordance with specified procedures.

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Contact the Hytec Group about how our hydraulic repairs can save you downtime and money! Enquire here.