World-class hydraulic cylinder repair and testing in South Africa:

Hytec is one of six Bosch Rexroth Service Centres of Competence in the world! After a stringent certification process, Hytec has become the first company in the world – outside the Bosch Rexroth Group – to receive accreditation as a Bosch Rexroth Service Centre of Competence.  This ensures our ability to ty to repair and service controls, drives, gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders and electronics to OEM specification.

Get a replacement hydraulic cylinder while we repair yours!

Hytec Engineering offers a unique cylinder repair and Service Exchange Programme in which we give our customers a matched replacement cylinder while we repair yours to OEM standards. This ensures that your operations don’t come to a stand still! 

  • Hydraulic cylinders in need of repair are exchanged for fully-functioning units
  • Defective hydraulic cylinders are stripped and reconditioned to OEM specifications
  • A 6-month warranty is issued on all Exchange Division repairs
  • Repaired hydraulic cylinders in South Africa are delivered to customer’s site – to save customers time and ensure minimum disruption to day to day operations