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SALAMI Cast Iron & Aluminium Gear Pumps

All gear pumps in this range are constructed with an aluminium body and cast iron flanges and covers. The 3 gear pumps in the PE range each have 12 teeth, are of modular construction and are compact in design. They are available with flanges, shafts and ports which meet the main European and American standards, and all of them provide high volumetric efficiency, which is achieved by floating bushings and axial compensation.

The 2 gear pumps in the PG range are also designed to provide superior performance and reliability in heavy-duty hydraulic applications. Their construction with large area low-friction bushings provide strength, high efficiency, and long life in severe operating environments. The design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimises performance even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions. A double pump with common suction reduces mounting costs allows for a small package size.

  • 1.5PE: Sealed with a single shaft seal, there are 10 variations in this range with displacement from 1.4 cm³/rev to 11 cm³/rev. The maximum speed ranges from 5 000 rpm to 3 000 and working pressure from 250 to 170 bar.
  • 2PE: Sealed with a double shaft seal, there are 11 variations in this range. Displacement varies from 4.6 cm³/rev to 25.8 cm³/rev and maximum speed from 4 000 to 2 500 rpm. Working pressure ranges from 250 to 180 bar.
  • 3PE: Like 2PE, it is sealed with a double shaft seal. 8 variations make up this range with displacement varying from 20.6 cm³/rev to 73.4 cm³/rev. Working pressure across the range is from 250 bar to 180 bar, while maximum speed is from 3 000 to 2 500 rpm.
  • PG330: 9 variations in this range, with displacement varying from 23.4 cm³/rev to 80.6 cm³/rev. Working pressure is from 280 to 200 bar and maximum speed from 3 000 to 2 500 rpm. The fluid operating temperature range is from -15° to 85° C, but when used with Viton seals increases from -20° to 110° C.
  • PG331: Displacement in this range of 8 gear pumps varies from 23.4 cm³/rev to 80.6 cm³/rev, and the pumps’ dimensions are from 70 to 114.5 mm.
Where to get your Hytec gear pump


Hytec is strategically located throughout South Africa with branches or representatives located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Klerksdorp, Kuruman, Newcastle, Richards Bay, Rustenburg, Saldanha Bay, Steelpoort, Secunda, Vanderbijlpark and Witbank. This national presence ensures constant support for all our industrial clients.

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For our customers outside of South Africa, but within southern Africa, all of Hytec’s automation, pneumatic and hydraulic components and solutions, which includes the above gear pump ranges, are delivered anywhere in southern Africa via Hytec Services Africa (HSA).

Hydraulic Pumps Service Exchange Programme:

One of Hytec’s unique service offerings is a hydraulic pump exchange programme. Hytec provides customers with a hydraulic pump replacement, including gear pumps, while yours is repaired. This helps you to reduce your downtime when any of your hydraulic pumps need repairs.

Repair and Maintenance for your hydraulic pump:

In addition to our Service Exchange Programme, we repair, test and conduct OEM-specified maintenance on our entire range of hydraulic pumps through our state-of-the-art facilities situated across sub-Saharan Africa.

Bosch Rexroth Internal Gear Pumps

This range of internal gear pumps has a low operating noise and flow pulsation, is suitable for wide speed and viscosity ranges and provides high efficiency even at low speed and viscosity. They can be combined with other internal gear pumps, vane pumps and axial piston pumps.

  • Internal Gear Pump – PGP: Plain bearings and sealing gap compensation provides a longer than usual service life. It has excellent suction characteristics and can be combined with PGF.
  • Internal Gear Pump – 3X: This range provides high efficiency and performance and is designed for intense load cycles in heavy industry. All frame sizes and sizes can be combined with each other in any form and the pumps are suitable for operation with HFC fluid.
  • Internal Gear Pump – 2X: High efficiency at low speeds makes this low noise and pulsation range of pumps ideal for wide viscosity and speed ranges. They are suitable for operation with HFC fluid and all frame sizes and sizes can be combined with each other in any form.
  • Internal Gear Pump – PGF: Ideally suited to drives in the medium-output and medium-pressure range in industrial applications, such as machine tools. It displays excellent suction characteristics and valve technology can be integrated in the cover on request. All frame sizes and sizes can be combined with each other.
 Bosch Rexroth External Gear Pumps


This range of external gear pumps is renowned for heavy-duty performance, long service life and quality throughputs, with some in the range available in various configurations. All drive shafts are manufactured to ISO or SAE standards.

  • External Gear Pump – Series U: known for its heavy duty applicability, with optimised pressure pulsation. Operates at up to 280 bar and incorporates slide bearings for heavy-duty applications.
  • External Gear Pumps – Series T: Providing high-quality throughput and longer service life, the 280-bar Series T gear pump features drive shafts compliant to ISO or SAE standards and has a considerably longer service life due to reinforced shaft and case.
  • External Gear Pumps – Series S: Suitable for line port connection flanges or screw threads, this gear pump series is optimised for noise and vibration reduction. The combination of several pumps is possible.
  • External Gear Pumps – Series N: With drive shafts compliant to ISO or SAE standards, the Bosch Rexroth Series N external gear pumps are ideal for operation at up to 250 bar and includes slide bearings for heavy duty applications.
  • External Gear Pump – Series G: A combination of several pumps is possible with Series G external gear pumps from Bosch Rexroth. It has nominal pressures of up to 280 bar and a cast case is available on request.
  • External Gear Pumps – Series F: With nominal pressure of up to 280 bar, the Bosch Rexroth Series F features slide bearings and ISO or SAE-compliant designs for heavy-duty applications. It can be connected via a flange or screw thread.
  • External Gear Pump – Series B: Bosch Rexroth Series B external gear pump is designed for operation at up to 280 bar. Various configurations available for high performance and a long service life through its shaft reinforced design and grey cast iron cover.
World-class services and support:

Our range of hydraulic pumps comes standard with exceptional customer support, operational support and range of accessories. Hytec’s commitment to its customers’ hydraulic pumps’ efficiency has made us one of the preferred suppliers to some of South Africa’s biggest industrial projects.

Hytec is only company to provide the hydraulic Pump Service Exchange Programme. Read more about this amazing offer and get additional information on our service and support and repair maintenance for hydraulic pumps by clicking here.

The Hytec Group of Companies, a Bosch Rexroth Company, brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to sub-Saharan Africa!