Hytec Services Africa brings the Group to Africa:


The 50-year success of the Hytec Group is built on the fact that it can supply a solution for any hydraulic, pneumatic or automation application.

The Group achieve this by being a Group of Companies where each one has its own industry focus, product range and technical expertise, but are all geared towards a common goal: finding the total solution for our customers.

Hytec Services Africa brings these Group companies to Africa:


Hytec Services Africa products and services:



Taking world-leading brands to Africa!


Hytec Services Africa distribution centres represent the Group’s 26 leading hydraulic, pneumatic and automation brands in Africa. 

Propelling Africa’s market into industry 4.0:


Hytec Services Africa is committed to making African mining and industrial operations work smarter and more responsibly. The company is set to help these operations seamlessly adopt Industry 4.0 – the information revolution that will merge operation and information technology.

This revolution is going change the way mining, general industry, marine heavy industry, motor assembly and manufacturing companies do business:

  • From a predominantly manual labour to automated systems across all industries
  • Communication (internet, mobile phones, etc.) will grow rapidly throughout the continent to support Industry 4.0

Hytec Services Africa is well-positioned to support these advances with its network of branches that supply systems and solutions in shorter turnaround times. The company will be able to maintain and repair these systems with at-the-mine services. 

Hytec Services Africa is taking Bosch Rexroth to Africa:


In 2014, Africa’s largest fluid power and automation company and the world’s leading drive and control company joined forces to better serve the growing sub-Saharan African market.

Through Hytec Services Africa’s branch of networks throughout 13 African counties, the Hytec Group joint venture with Bosch Rexroth gives our customers access to the latest innovations, technologies and technical support from Germany.

Bosch Rexroth, in turn, will utilise the Hytec Services Africa / Hytec Group’s established local knowledge, expertise and end-user relationships as a springboard to achieve strategic growth into sub-Saharan Africa.


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