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Hydraulic Hose and Fittings:

Hydraulic fittings and hose accessories from Hydraulics and Automation Warehouse (HAW) comprise an extensive range of hose, tubes, couplings, flanges, adaptors and accessories from leading brands such as KTR , Walterscheid and Intertraco. These components ensure your hydraulic circuit is optimised for high performance and reliability.
HAW, part of the Hytec Group of Companies, is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulics components and accessories in South Africa, and a specialist supplier of hydraulic fittings for mobile machinery.
HAW has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pinetown and Middelburg. Contact us for precise information on your closest branch, delivery information and hydraulic fittings queries.
Steel Tube Fittings: Hose Fittings:
 Steel Tube Fittings  Hose Fittings
Hytec’s leading steel tube and hydraulic fittings brand, Walterscheid, is known around the world for a wide product range that utilises top material quality for enhanced corrosion resistance. These components are used widely in mobile and industrial applications, including agricultural and construction equipment. Hytec provides one of the largest stockholdings of adaptors, fittings, low pressure and metric hose fittings ranges. We retain large holdings of SAE flanges, ORFS, NPT, Metric, JIC and BSP hydraulic fittings, with a range of different sizes available.
Hydraulic Hose: Adaptors:
 Hydraulic Hose  Adaptors
Our hydraulic fittings range extends to durable, high-resistance hydraulic hose that is well-suited to tough applications. We supply wire braid, wire spiral and standard hydraulic motor hoses for high performance and low pressure applications. We have a wide range of Intertraco-branded NPT, JIC and BSP hydraulic adaptors in a wide range of swivel and angle orientations that are guaranteed to provide perfect hydraulic fittings.


Hose Protection: Drive Couplings:
 Hose Protection  Drive Couplings
HAW supplies a range of Intertraco hose protection products as part of its hydraulic fittings range for the protection of most types of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries, including mining, quarrying, drilling, tunnelling, forestry, welding and manufacturing. The patented ROTEX and BoWex drive couplings range from the top-selling brand KTR is used widely across applications where high wear resistance is required, while the ferrules range of our hydraulic fittings is designed for heavy-duty applications.


Quick Release Couplings: Hydraulic Steel Tube:
 Quick Release Couplings  Hydraulic Steel Tube
As a complete supplier of hydraulic fittings, Hytec stocks an extensive range of Intertraco quick release couplings in ball, flat, pin, swivel and screw configurations to suit any application. Our range of quick release couplings ensures a fast and easy solution to connecting lines. Walterscheid manufactures high-performance hydraulic steel tubes, constructed from robust seamless high grade steel (grade 316L), to suit a wide range of industrial and mobile equipment and hydraulic fittings.


Block Flanges:
 Block Flanges
With standard capacities ranging between 3000 and 6000 psi, Hytec’s range of Intertraco hydraulic fittings includes block flanges, which provide tailored high pressure performance. Our 4-hole pump flanges are used throughout the industry.

Low-pressure Hose & Tubing:

HAW stocks a variety of low pressure hose and tubing options as part of its hydraulic fittings, including the PTFE tube, fuel hose and Insta-Grip 250 push-on hose fitting in various specifications.

Hydraulic Hose Accessories:

HAW, part of the Hytec Group of Companies, is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulics components and accessories in South Africa, and a specialist supplier of hydraulic fittings for mobile machinery.
Hydraulic hose fittings accessories include, gauge fittings, ideal for hydraulic tools and machinery, and Dowty washers, which use high-grade rubber, and are available in sizes between 1/8 and 2 inches.
The largest stockists of hydraulic fittings
Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) is one of the largest distributors of hydraulic fittings and components, and a specialist supplier of products for mobile machinery. HAW’s Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban branches have a high stock retention and a prompt, efficient component delivery service.
Click here to have a HAW hydraulic fittings expert explain the best solution for your hydraulic needs.
 Walter Sheid  KTR  Intertraco


  • Walterscheid, ideal for agriculture, construction and machine tools and equipment.

  • Intertraco, whose range of hose fittings is the finest quality and also cost-effective.

  • KTR ofer a comprehensive range of power transmission, brake and drive solutions with Rotex® and Bowex® couplings.


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